Monitoring & Evaluation

David Fong is the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning officer for the Spur Afrika Australia team.

David has had the pleasure of visiting the Kenyan team and children in his capacity as a medical officer. He is particularly interested in how programs and projects can be measured and evaluated in ways which can help, promote and explain how program activity is transformed into outcomes.

Monitoring & Evaluation Reports

We hope you find these reports useful to help you understand the motivations and desired impacts of the Spur Afrika programs, and how the Spur Afrika team meets the challenges of achieving positive outcomes for the children and families of Kibera, Kenya.

Mobile Health Clinic Report

Spur Afrika mobile medical clinics were conducted in January 2020, reaching out to children in Spur Afrika Elimisha sponsorship program during a camp retreat and to entire classes of children in Kibera during clinics at Kibera schools.

Special Programs ME

Special programs seeks to promote engage the larger Kibera Community. The Program has different Programs, Medical Clinic, National Hospital Insurance Fund, Ri-Ki, Oral Hygiene and Parents Skills development.

Mentorship ME

The Mentorship Program's main aim is to help children (100 children) develop social skills, have a wider world view in regards to future job opportunities, character and spiritual formation.

Girls Program ME

Bingwa Girls Program confronts the threat of sexual abuse and harassment experienced by girls from their peers, associates or relatives. Girls are empowered through education, regular meetings, mentorship and health and hygiene support to improve self-awareness and care.

Elimisha ME

The Elimisha (Sponsorship) program seeks to promote education among the under privileged (orphaned or in strenuous economic conditions) children in Kibera community. The program aims to educate, empower and engage the children for a sustainable future.