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We engage, empower, and educate.

Our mission

We operate across Kenya and Melbourne to spur Kenya's sustainable future.



We engage the local Kenyan community through authentic mentorship, culturally sensitive initiatives and sustainable programs.



We empower children and young adults with skills to transform not only their own lives but the lives of their families and communities.



We educate through the provision of schooling, extra-curricular activities and public health programs.

Give a gift in Melbourne and Kenya!

Give a Gift that Gives Twice

So many of you have given generously to Spur this year, and for this we are truly humbled and grateful. The impact you are making on the lives of others is tangible, life-sustaining and life-changing. And whilst there are so many causes worthy of our support this festive season, we ask that you consider gifting a Spur Christmas card as a gift that gives twice. In doing so, you're directly supporting our programs and initiatives that meet real local needs in Kibera slums in Kenya.

If you're unfamiliar with Christmas card campaigns, they work like this: each card represents a different need for Spur Kenya. If your purchase is a gift for a friend, it's like you're giving what the card represents on your friend's behalf. Spur receives the monetary gift, and you give your friend the card. You can also purchase these gifts for yourself, in which case you keep the card.

Have a browse; you could find the perfect present for that special someone, or have a chuckle at one of our jovial puns. Most importantly however, you'll learn about the unique needs of Spur Kenya and their associated costs and share with your friends and family the great work we are doing through Spur Afrika Melbourne.

Gifts that give twice

"You don't need to be a chef to give a meal of a lifetime"

Sometimes Spur visits the families of our sponsored children to ask, "How are you getting on?" It's heartbreaking when they reply, "OK, but we had to skip a meal as we had nothing to prepare."

By purchasing this card, you're providing a food hamper for a Spur family.

Gifts that give twice

"An angel cannot fly without her wings"

Every so often girls are forced to miss school days due to a lack of sanitary products.

By purchasing this card you're allowing Spur to distribute female hygiene products to fifteen girls for up to a month, reducing the amount of school days missed.

Gifts that give twice

"Don't judge books by their covers. They're more powerful than you think."

There is a local saying in Kenya about the country's poor state of literacy - "If you want to hide something, put it in a book". Spur seeks to change this narrative by engaging students with reading and books.

By purchasing this card, you're enabling Spur to run a competition that promotes a culture of reading.

Support Team Spur Afrika Australia

Melbourne Marathon 2021

The Melbourne Marathon is happening on the 11th and 12th of December. We are aiming to raise $30,000 with all proceeds generated by the Spur Afrika team going toward funding our KISUMU expansion project. Good luck to our Spur runners - it's not too late to show your support!

What we do

We engage the local community

We believe in locally-led change. As all our programs are run in Kenya, we felt it was important to engage Kenyan locals to determine and do the work they saw need for in their community. We support all Kenyan Spur employees with living wages through our Sponsor a Worker Program.

We empower young Kenyans and their families

Spur is located in Kibera, Kenya's largest poverty-stricken slum. In this environment, we believe that sustainable change for young people is only possible with consistent financial assistance to children and their families, and authentic mentorship from role models. Our Child Sponsorship Program currently has 100 sponsored children who are offered financial aid, local mentorship and a transitional scholarship should they gain a place in university.

We educate young Kenyans in vital areas

We believe in the pivotal role education can have in progressing a society away from poverty. Through a number of locally conceived programs that focus on topics such as health, literacy and female empowerment in young people, we aim to equip the next generation with knowledge and skills that last a lifetime – within and beyond their own.

Support us

The work we do in Kenya is not possible without the generous support of our donors. Make a one-off general donation, or commit to sponsoring a child or worker today.