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We engage, empower, and educate.

What we do

We engage the local community

We believe in locally-led change. As all our programs are run in Kenya, we felt it was important to engage Kenyan locals to determine and do the work they saw need for in their community. We support all Kenyan Spur employees with living wages through our Sponsor a Worker Program.

We empower young Kenyans and their families

Spur is located in Kibera, Kenya's largest poverty-stricken slum. In this environment, we believe that sustainable change for young people is only possible with consistent financial assistance to children and their families, and authentic mentorship from role models. Our Child Sponsorship Program currently has 100 sponsored children who are offered financial aid, local mentorship and a transitional scholarship should they gain a place in university.

We educate young Kenyans in vital areas

We believe in the pivotal role education can have in progressing a society away from poverty. Through a number of locally conceived programs that focus on topics such as health, literacy and female empowerment in young people, we aim to equip the next generation with knowledge and skills that last a lifetime – within and beyond their own.