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Spotlight - December 2020

Gifts that give twice.

Give a gift in Kenya and Melbourne.

This year the season of giving could not be more profound. 2020 has been tough for all of us, and whilst we probably hoping for Santa to be particularly generous to us this year, the reality for many will be the exact opposite.

If you're unfamiliar with Christmas card campaigns, they work like this: each card represents a different need for Spur Kenya. If your purchase is a gift for a friend, it's like you're giving what the card represents on your friend's behalf. Spur receives the monetary gift, and you give your friend the card. You can also purchase these gifts for yourself, in which case you keep the card.

Have a browse; you could find the perfect present for that special someone, or have a chuckle at one of our jovial puns. Most importantly however, you'll learn about the unique needs of Spur Kenya and their associated costs.