May 2022

Kick-start Kisumu

Spur hopes to open a second site in Kisumu, a rural settlement of Kenya. To do this, we need to raise $50,000 by the end of 2022 to cover start-up costs that include site rental, staff salaries, transport and program operations for both Spur sites in Kibera and Kisumu.

About Holo, Kisumu

Holo is a rural settlement within Kisumu county. It is located in the boundary of Seme and Kisumu West Sub-Counties, and is home to more than 2,000 people. Holo is about 42km from Kisumu City CBD, and 2km offshore of Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater lake in East Africa.

In Holo, about 60% of residents live in extreme poverty. The national poverty average is 46%. Most children tend to drop out of school at primary level and those that manage to complete primary school education have a low transition rate to secondary school. Adolescent pregnancy is one of the main reasons that teenage girls drop-out; it is estimated that one out of three girls will cease their education due to becoming pregnant. The flow-on effect of this is a community of many orphans, child-led homes and general unpreparedness of parents and caregivers.

Why is Kisumu next for Spur?

The vision for Kisumu started in January 2020 with Patoh and Sue - our Kenyan Director and Deputy Director. With Spur Kibera running well, they began thoughtfully seeking the next challenge.

It was the social issues described above that interested Patoh and Sue in Kisumu; they felt that the Spur model could be a good fit in meeting the needs of the community there.

Want to find out more?

Watch our videos to see how we launched kick-start Kisumu. Please also head over to our Grassrootz page to donate and support the work in Kisumu.

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