Our Team

Spur Afrika is one organisation that works from two locations – Kenya and Australia. Our Kenyan team are paid staff who develop and deliver our programs. Our Australian team are volunteers who focus primarily on fundraising to enable our work in Kenya.


Meet our Kenyan team

Patrick Achola

Directory - Kenya

Spur is the vehicle through which I live my purpose. It's a channel by which many are blessed. My future hope for Spur Afrika is that it spreads like wildfire in Africa and beyond.

Susan Ojuki

Deputy Director and Administrator - Kenya

To me, Spur is a place of joy. My hope for Spur is that it will grow and impact more lives beyond Kibera.

Andrew Onyango

Project Co-ordinator

Spur Afrika is a home of love and care.

Sylvia Kenda Agwona

Special Programs Coordinator

I work at Spur because I am passionate about education in all its forms. I hope that Spur will be able to achieve its mission of creating a transformed community whereby educated children are going back to help their loved ones.


Children's Program Manager

Spur is a family and support system in life. It gives me the opportunity to fulfil my purpose and passion in life.

Harry Kigani

Children's Program Officer

Spur is where we minister to people and impact lives.

Maureen Koli

Communications and Mentorship Coordinator

Spur gives me a fulfilling chance to work for a change and visible transformation. I hope that Spur will grow to be known in Kenya for the impact we are creating, which is transformed communities.


Meet our Australian Team

Rosalie Lui

Managing Director

Spur is a place where positive change happens! Who wouldn't want to be a part of such an amazing team that sees dreams come true?

David Fong

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

I choose to work for Spur because I not only get to be a part of a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary team, but I also have the opportunity to develop responsive programs that make a real impact.

Ryan Chiam


It's incredibly fulfilling to know my work helps enrich lives, and to do so with such a passionate team is an honour.

Philip Pham


I've always wanted to use my skills and passion to contribute to building a better world. Spur Afrika allows me to do so with a team of hardworking individuals.

Cat To


I see real purpose and impact created by the local team on the ground and I love being a part of making that positive difference.

Rachel Ung


I volunteer for Spur because it never lets me down. The work that is happening in Kenya never fails to encourage and inspire me.

Rebecca Chua


I hope that at Spur Afrika, through many individuals working together, we are able to make a positive impact far greater than our imagination.

Mary Yuen


I love being part of a team of faithful and committed volunteers with a passion to help less privileged children.

Stephen Yuen


Volunteering for Spur Afrika allows me to be a part of a local community with a global reach.

Tiffany Yu


Volunteering for Spur is a way for me to contribute a small portion as part of a greater vision that I believe in.

Ben Yap

Web development

It's such a joy to work with a passionate team who are driven to make an impact for those in Kibera.


Meet our Board members

Guang Chua


To me, Spur is about belonging to a community of everyday people on opposite sides of the globe but united in purpose - to make a difference in the lives of young people in Kenya.

Leanne Lee

Board Member

I love the heart behind the vision and mission of Spur Afrika and feel privileged to be able to contribute in this small way.

Grace Wong

Board Member

I was inspired by the ethos of Spur Afrika and the dedication of its team to its vision. I feel blessed to be a part of it.

Kevin Tai

Board Member

My vision for Spur Afrika is for it to be so fruitful and self-sustaining that financial support from Australia is redundant.

Tim Chong

Board Member

Spur Afrika is a grassroots community that is all about making an impact in the life of the one, not just the many. I hope that Spur will continue to stand in the gap for the individual and the community.

Rosalie Lui

Managing Director

Spur is a place where positive change happens! Who wouldn't want to be a part of such an amazing team that sees dreams come true?