We believe in locally led change.

All our programs are designed and implemented by our Kenyan workers with the aim of responding to current needs.

COVID-19 Response

In addition to our regular programs, we have implemented a number of initiatives in direct response to COVID-19.

Alternative Learning

Alternative Learning

In response to the Kenyan government’s decision to pause school during the pandemic, we have provided alternative learning opportunities for our 100 sponsored children.

Business Skills Training

Business Skills Training

As many parents of our sponsored children have lost income due to the pandemic, we wanted to support those with small businesses with training and resources that would help them steer their businesses through these tough times.

Emergency Food Bank Initiative

Emergency Food Bank Initiative

Due to loss of income, many of our sponsored families have struggled to put food on the table. We have ensured that food packs are distributed to our 100 sponsored families once every three weeks.

Our Programs

Engage, educate and empower the local community

Child Sponsorship Program

As our flagship program, child sponsorship involves supporting children living in Kibera slum. Spur Afrika aims to do more than just pay children’s school fees; we also spend time with each child to teach them about life outside school. The sponsored children are chosen through asking teachers, community workers and locals as to where the neediest children are. We are currently committed to providing over 100 children with a scholarship for an average of 12 years as well as access to the programs below.

Mentorship Program

We believe in authentic mentorship and currently engage 60 local volunteer mentors who connect with and support our sponsored children. The mentors spend time with their child and undertake activities such as visiting their home, watching movies or rollerblading. The aim is for the mentors to develop a relationship with their child, which will foster personal development and positive role modelling. We have also developed online mentoring with professionals around the world. Spur holds a monthly meeting online with teachers in Melbourne to develop and foster positive mental health. This is a developing program that not only benefits the Spur children but those who are facilitating the discussion.

Transitional Scholarships

All sponsored children finish up with us once they complete their high school studies, however should they gain a place at university, we will commit to assisting with their tuition fees. So far we have sponsored three students to continue with tertiary study. We encourage all our children to contribute back to their community through volunteering and assisting with Spur activities especially when they are in high school or university.

National Health Insurance Fund

There is evidence to suggest that having health insurance can raise community standards of wellbeing. However, culturally, the concept of health insurance isn’t widely accepted in Kenya. Through providing subsidies, we aim to encourage Spur families to understand the idea of health insurance. We aim for all our Spur families to be enrolled in this program by the end of 2021.

Special Programs

Developed by our local Kenyan team for the wider community

Champion Girls

This program currently engages 150 girls from both Spur's sponsored children and local schools. It aims to promote self awareness, confidence and holistic care among teenage girls, empowering them to transition into confident and mature women. This program runs every fortnight and the girls look forward to covering topics about health, relationships, mental health and career. They also have a special event each year, e.g. runway show or presentation.

Mobile Health Outreach

To improve the health of children in Kibera slum, we partner with a local health clinic and undertake free medical outreach in Kibera. In 2020, we were able to attend to over 900 children and adults across five days. Spur provides health services through free medical and dental checkups during our annual Mobile Health Clinics. At the clinics, we provide medication to children attending Spur partnered primary schools while also running an Oral Hygiene Campaign, reducing the incidence of dental decay. We also give out oral hygiene education throughout the year to the primary schools in Kibera as well.

Read It Know It (RIKI) Program

There is a saying in Kenya - ‘If you want to keep something a secret, put it in a book.’ RIKI is a program that promotes reading and literacy within schools. We currently have eight schools that engage with the program.


Spur runs business training for young adults, families and students. This is a specialised program that aims to teach business training skills to those who have an interest in starting or maintaining their business. This program has been run in different venues and for different groups, according to their individual needs.

Sponsor a Worker Program

All of our Spur workers are provided with a stable, living wage. We connect our sponsors directly with our workers, so they are able to form a personal connection and update each other.


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